EDPB, Linee guida in tema di videosorveglianza e altri trattamenti con dispositivi video

L’EDPB (European Data Protection Board) ha adottato, il 29 gennaio 2020, la versione 2.0 delle Guidelines No. 3/2019 on processing of personal data through video devices, a seguito di pubblica consultazione. E’ disponibile anche una versione in italiano.

Le predette linee guida sono incentrate sul tema della videosorveglianza, anche se ovviamente il discorso è applicabile più generalmente, come si evince anche dal titolo, ai trattamenti effettuati con dispositivi video.

Nell’introduzione delle Linee Guida, al riguardo, si trova precisato:

“The intensive use of video devices has an impact on citizen’s behaviour. Significant implementation of such tools in many spheres of the individuals’ life will put an additional pressure on the individual to prevent the detection of what might be perceived as anomalies. De facto, these technologies may limit the possibilities of anonymous movement and anonymous use of services and generally limit the possibility of remaining unnoticed. Data protection implications are massive.

While individuals might be comfortable with video surveillance set up for a certain security purpose for example, guarantees must be taken to avoid any misuse for totally different and – to the data subject – unexpected purposes (e.g. marketing purpose, employee performance monitoring etc.). In addition, many tools are now implemented to exploit the images captured and turn traditional cameras into smart cameras. The amount of data generated by the video, combined with these tools and techniques increase the risks of secondary use (whether related or not to the purpose originally assigned to the system) or even the risks of misuse”.

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